How to Deal with Microaggressions

This is a companion list of resources for a recent webinar entitled “How to Deal with Microaggressions in Academia and Clinical Practice: A Panel for Trainees,” jointly hosted by the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society (HNS), the Asian Neuropsychological Association (ANA), and the Society for Black Neuropsychology (SBN).


Disarming Racial Microaggression – Sue (2019)

A Training Model for Addressing Microaggressions in Group Psychotherapy by Noelle L. Lefforge, Stephanie Mclaughlin, Melissa Goates-Jones, and Claudia Mejia

Twelve tips for responding to microaggressions and overt discrimination: When the patient offends the learner by Daniel J Wheeler, Josué Zapata, Denise Davis, and Calvin Chou

Micro-resistance and Ally Development: Powerful Antidotes to Microaggressions by Drs. Cynthia Ganote, Floyd Chueng, and Tasha Souza

Webpages and Handouts

A guide for how to interrupt microaggressions with common examples/themes of microaggressions

Evidence-based practices promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by Evelyn Carter

A Guide to Responding to Microaggressions by Kevin L. Nadal

APAGS Resource Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students – A document with several chapters including ones on dealing with imposter syndrome and racism and microaggressions

Pamela Hays’ ADDRESSING framework

The R.A.V.E.N method of addressing microaggressions by Drs. Luke Wood and Frank Harris

SCN Neuroblast newsletter entry: Managing Microaggressions in Clinical Practice on behalf of Ethnic Minority Affairs by Dr. Christopher Nguyen