ANA Mentorship Program

The Asian Neuropsychological Association (ANA) Education Subcommittee seeks to counter the underrepresentation of Asian individuals in the field of neuropsychology by providing education and mentorship to the next generation of neuropsychologists (e.g., graduate students, externs, interns, and postdoctoral fellows).

We are excited to announce the rollout of the ANA Mentorship Program.

The ANA mentorship program will match mentors and mentees based on their respective interests and goals (e.g., professional development, issues related to identity and intersectionality, cultural competencies/awareness for Asian-language assessments, social justice-related topics, research). Mentors and mentees will discuss specific goals for the mentorship, communication method and frequency, duration of the mentorship relationship, and other expectations. The Education Committee will check in quarterly with mentors and mentees separately regarding progress towards the mentorship goals, as well as assist with making adjustments if needed.