Become a Member

A membership with the Asian Neuropsychological Association not only helps support the organization but also gives you access to certain features and resources only available to members. The ANA has been working hard to advocate for our community of professionals and trainees; establish resources for the communities we serve; and develop infrastructure to leverage resources for our membership.

Benefits of membership include:

• Increased visibility via getting listed in our member directory
• Access to the ANA listserv wherein you can communicate with the entire ANA community
• Access to our high-quality newsletter, webinars, research digest and a host of other resources
• Eligibility to apply for and obtain various awards and scholarships.
• Representation and advocacy for the needs of Asians and Asian Americans in the field of neuropsychology across the globe.
• Join and get involved with any of the ANA committees when openings become available
• Voting rights to elect ANA officers (stay tuned for details on our first ANA election…..)

In order to continue to serve the needs of our members and expand the work we do, we have developed the following dues structure:
Professional Member (starting upon COMPLETION of postdoc): $50/annually
Affiliate/Non-Neuropsych Professional : $40/annually
Affiliate/Non-Neuropsych Professional: $40/annually
Students/Trainees: $10/annually

If accepted for membership, the payment is applied to the first year membership dues. If more information on the application is required, you will be contacted by the membership committee. If your application is not accepted, your payment will be refunded.

For international members (depending on location) and those experiencing financial hardship, a sliding scale for dues are available on a case-by-case basis. Please email ANA Membership Committee at

Rules for Listserv

Accepted members will have access to ANA’s listserv. Rules for the listserv can be found here.

Requirements for Membership

All applicants shall submit a completed application form and curriculum vitae. Additional documentation may be requested. Applicants for membership at the student level must provide verification of training status by submitting a signed attestation from their Director of Training or direct supervisor.


A Professional Member has completed a doctoral degree in psychology or a related field (e.g. cognitive neuroscience) or a physician degree with a specialization in neurobehavior. All degrees must come from an accredited university or medical school and all Professional Members must hold a license for independent practice. International members who may not be able to complete a doctoral degree in their specialty may still be eligible if they hold the terminal degree that recognizes the member as an independent practitioner in their country.


A Student Member is a student at the undergraduate, graduate, intern/resident, or postdoctoral level who is working towards a graduate degree in psychology or medical degree from an accredited university.

**Please download and complete the Student Status Attestation Document template below to be attached to your application.


Associate Members: An Associate Member is a member who is interested in neuropsychological issues pertaining to Asian and Asian-Americans and who holds a terminal master’s degree in psychology or related discipline, or who otherwise cannot obtain a license for independent practice.


An Affiliate Member is a member who, for whatever reason, is ineligible for other levels of membership, yet are still interested in the Association and its mission statement. These individuals do not need to have any formal training in psychology or a related field.