Equity & Advocacy Bulletin #5

October 2021 | ANA Equity & Advocacy Bulletin by Michelle Chen, PhD


Sept 15 – Oct 27, Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm EST: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Hispanic Neuropsychological Association (HNS)! You may register for their upcoming lectures here. Attendance for students is FREE.

Oct 6 at 2pm EST: Reframing the Conversation: Decoding the X – What does the “x” mean at the end of identity-based terms like Latinx or Chicanx? How does it fit with other self-selected identities, and why is there conflict surrounding the use of these expressions? Dr. Michelle Miranda from HNS will be part of this panel discussion. Attendees can join in person at S.J. Quinney College of Law (Level 6) or virtually at diversity.utah.edu/rtc.

Oct 12 at 7pm EST: Internship webinar for trainees! Join this joint initiative by ANA, HNS, and Society for Black Neuropsychology (SBN) by registering here.

Oct 13 at 2pm EST: Dr. Adolfo Cuevas, Assistant Professor of Race, Culture, and Society at Tufts University, will present on “Racial Health Inequities within the Hispanic Population: Scientific Evidence and Potential Pathways.” Click here to register via Webex.

Oct 12-16: Celebrate Indegineous People’s Day (10/11) at the Indigenous People Festival, which creates space for Indigenous people to celebrate artistry and traditions and for all attendees to learn about Indigenous cultures from a lineup of contemporary talent. This year’s virtual lineup will be streamed via Facebook and Youtube.


NAN is partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association to fund investigations on “Neuropsychological Effects of COVID-19 in Older Adults from Health Disparity Populations (NeuroCOVID).” There will be two awards each for $100,000. Visit the NAN website for more details.


Check out the National Archives’s Hispanic Heritage Month webpage, which includes documents, exhibits, films, blog posts and more that highlight Hispanic culture.

The Smithsonian Latino Center provides bilingual resources for parents and caregivers and celebrates stories of Latino achievement.


Check out APA Div. 9 Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI)’s new short film to celebrate its 85th anniversary by highlighting its major accomplishments throughout history. To join SPSSI, please visit their website.

Measuring White Racial Solidarity, Examining Its Relationship to Political Attitudes and Preferences | 2021 ICPSR Summer Program’s Blalock Lecture Series. Dr. Ashley Jardina from Duke University discusses best practices for measuring white racial solidarity and shows that these attitudes enforce racial inequities via a sense of in-group favoritism that promotes preferences for policies that disproportionately benefit white people. 


Check out Queer Neuropsychological Society (QNS)’s inaugural executive committee. To join QNS, you may submit an application form through their website.

Black men’s mental health matters | APA | 1 CE credit

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Why Asian American kids are underdiagnosed when it comes to learning disabilities


The APA endorses new House bill H.R. 5227, the Lift the Bar Act, which will eliminate the current five-year waiting period for immigrants to access essential health care programs.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee approves more than $1 billion for maternal health, including measures to eliminate racial disparities in maternal health outcomes and increase access to mental health care for pregnant women and new moms. 

Anticipated overhaul of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program by the Department of Education aims to make the program easier to navigate and retroactively relax the program’s rules to help affected borrowers. APA’s recommendations for the PSLF program can be found here