ANA President-Elect & Member-At-Large Election 2021

Welcome to the ANA’s first-ever Election (2021)! The Membership Committee encourages all registered ANA members to participate and vote! Below is a list of candidates and their statements (Presentation follows the alphabetical order of candidates’ last names).
Please take the time to view their information and statements.

Voting procedure: Each ANA member will receive an e-ballot in their email on 11/22/2021, which includes a link to cast your vote on ElectionBuddy (online voting platform). The e-ballot link is unique to each member. The election is open from 11/22 to 12/20/2021. Please contact the Membership Committee at for any questions or concerns.

President-Elect Candidate:

I have served as the Treasurer of ANA and had the honor of learning the amazing work that has already been done. So far, the leadership has laid an excellent foundation for our community to grow and support one another. In support of ANA’s mission, given how young our organization is, I would plan to continue to focus on solidifying our foundation to support individuals to provide culturally informed neuropsychological services. Not only do I believe this means increasing accessibility to resources within the United States, it means facilitating how to connect with our colleagues on an international basis. Furthermore, it is important to increase our sense of community to find ways to embrace all of our communities’ identities, our marginalized identities, to celebrate the intersectionality demonstrated within our diverse group. This does not mean forcing the US or Western methodological approach of neuropsychology and approaches to building community, but building a bridge to help us to learn from one another. In addition, to support the expansion of the availability of clinical resources, I believe this also means finding ways to support research focused as well. Should I be elected to serve in this position, my plan is to build relationships with other organizations, outside of neuropsychology (e.g., community organizations and other psychological associations), which support our mission and values to support. In full transparency, I realize these are lofty goals. I understand it will likely not be possible to accomplish everything within my term. But at a minimum, it is my hope that to expand our presence in the field and continue the already great work that strengthens our organization.

President-Elect Candidate:

Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy for the President-Elect position of the Asian Neuropsychological Association (ANA). I am a neuropsychologist and assistant professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. My research interests include topics in cognitive aging, civil capacities, and essential cross-cultural parameters of neuropsychology. I completed my doctoral degree at the University of Iowa, internship at the Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System, and fellowship at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

My collective experiences in a family of first-generation Vietnamese immigrants, former Iowa National Guard combat medic, and former entrepreneur supplied me with some significant perspectives and life lessons: the values of hard work, perseverance, accountability, integrity, and public service. These lessons have been invaluable throughout my service in advocacy and leadership roles across multiple organizations, including the Vietnamese Neuropsychology Network, International Neuropsychological Society, Society for Clinical Neuropsychology, and Community Outreach and Civic Engagement Council at The Ohio State University.

I have been an active member of the ANA since its inception, serving to create a social media presence to assisting with the development of the mentorship program. Most recently, I had the privilege of serving as the Chair of ANA’s Media Committee. Here, along with a group of exceptionally talented colleagues, we disseminated content to support the mission and vision of the ANA. We worked closely with other committees to coordinate communications through the listserv and social media platforms, as well as completed and implemented special initiatives assigned by the Executive Committee. I have benefited considerably from the ANA community, especially from the mentorship and friendship of many colleagues. It would be an honor to continue to serve in what I consider is my primary professional home.

If elected to serve on the Executive Committee, the major theme of my service will be advocacy, specifically for our trainees, membership, and global engagement initiatives. First, I will advocate for the continued mentorship of ANA’s trainees to achieve excellence in clinical, scholarly, and leadership endeavors. Second, I will advocate for the continued growth and success of our ANA membership (e.g., academic credit for cross-cultural services in education and consultation, language-based resources for patients and neuropsychology community, mentorship program for board-certification process). Third, I will advocate for the continued support and sharing with international colleagues who are delivering services and developing resources in regions of the world where neuropsychology is maturing. I look forward to interacting and being fully present with the ANA community and sharing my vision throughout the upcoming election process. I invite your observations and suggestions.

Member-At-Large Candidate:

I am a staff neuropsychologist at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a Co-Chair of the ANA Advocacy Committee. My experience with the Advocacy Committee has allowed me to learn about priorities of ANA membership, collaborate with other ANA committees and professional neuropsychological organizations to address inequities within our field, and work to increase multicultural competence in neuropsychology through education and resource development. As my Advocacy Committee term is ending, I am eager to continue my involvement in ANA and would be honored to serve the organization as a Member-at-Large. In this role, I would support ANA’s mission by working closely with the different committees and facilitating the execution of projects that support the growth of neuropsychological services for Asian and Asian Americans. I am especially interested in examining barriers that reduce access and quality of care for individuals from marginalized communities and promoting community education about neuropsychology. ANA already feels like a professional “home” to many, and I would aim to strength that sense of community and inclusiveness as Member-at-Large.