Listserv Rules

All paid members have access to ANA’s listserv, where you can communicate with the rest of the ANA community! Rules for listserv include the following:

1. Be courteous, be kind, be cooperative! Remember that we are a family and messages should reflect the communal nature of our organization.

2. Content should focus on the areas of neuropsychology, culture, and community. Please do not post advertisements, self-promotion, or any content for explicit monetary gain. In some instances, self-promotion of a product that is inherently tied to ANA’s vision may be permitted, but when in doubt, check with the Executive Committee first.

3. ANA works from a social justice and advocacy framework. However, our membership is comprised of a diverse array of individuals. Please maintain professional courtesy and respect for all members when discussing politically sensitive topics.

4. Do not forward any ANA listserv emails to other listservs without explicit permission from all individuals in the thread.

5. When a protracted dialogue between members takes place, please take the emails backchannel as to avoid clogging inboxes of all members.

6. Please be mindful when posting about specific cases. Deidentify all information and try to keep information as generic as possible to protect privacy.

7. Do not forward copyright information, including tests or published articles. Links to article abstracts and tests are of course permitted.

8. Any gross violation of listserv rules will result in a ban. Bans can be appealed to the Executive Committee and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.