Community Corner – July 2020

Author: Judy Su

This past month has been heart-breaking, frightening, infuriating, and/or confusing for many. We hope that all of you have had chances to discuss the events in our country (and now the world) in regards to the BLM movement and to process the impact of the current events with colleagues, friends, and/or family members. As shared by a previous listserv thread initiated by Sara Chan (see email thread titled: “The Contextual Nature of Silence”), we do not plan to stay silent as a community. The newly formed ANA Advocacy Committee recently sent out some helpful resources for our members to support our self-education and self-reflection. For this monthly community corner, we wanted to also include additional resources that can be helpful in clinical settings, as we work toward helping our clients/patients in healing.

Credit for the following resources: Phoenix VAHCS

1.  9-Racism Recovery Plan Steps – a worksheet that can be utilized working with patients/clients who are struggling with racism (see attached)

2. Talking points for clinicians to discuss current mistreatment of black americans (see attached)

3. Recommendations for both patient/clients, colleagues, friends/family, to cope with and manage racial trauma

Reference: Jernigan, M. M., Green, C. E., Perez-Gualdron, Liu, M. M, Henze, K. T., Chen, C….Helms, J. E. (2015).#racialtraumaisreal. Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture, Chestnut Hill, MA.  Retrieved from: School_sites/isprc/pdf/racialtraumaisrealManuscript.pdf