Community Corner – November 2020

Author: Ivy Cho

The November Community Corner is all about Internship and Post-doc Interviews! 


Questions You May Be Asked

  • Sites will often ask personal questions to get to know you better such as “Tell me about yourself” to something very random such as “What’s your pet peeve?” 
  • As they are looking for a good fit, they may ask “What drew you to our site?” as well as for further clarification on your research/clinical/professional interests.
  • There may be performance based questions such as asking about your sample reports and/or they may ask about a vignette such as “Interpret this data sheet” or “What test would you add/eliminate to the following battery and why?”

Questions for Faculty

  • Try to ask about information that is not readily available on their brochures/websites such as “how are rotations/ supervisors assigned?”
  • Personalized questions may demonstrate interests such as talking about the specific research/ rotation that each faculty is responsible for.
  • It may be beneficial to ask about the location of the site such as “What are some fun things to do around (city/town)?” to indicate willingness to move.

Questions for Current Interns

  • Speaking with current interns may be the best way to see if you can envision yourself at the site; therefore, asking about the work environment and workload may be helpful. 
  • Further, you may want to ask for the interns’ perspective about the strengths/weaknesses of the site/supervisors/training as well as living in the city/town.

Additional information and specific questions for internship may be found in the Internships in Psychology: The APAGS Workbook by Carol Williams-Nickelson, Mitchelle J. Prinstein, and W. Gregory Keilin. 


Questions You May Be Asked

  • Post-doc interviews have a tendency to be more focused on the personality fit rather than performance and knowledge; therefore, similar questions to internship in order for the faculty to get to know you will come up.

Questions for Training Supervisors

  • As less information is available for post-doc positions compared to internship, discussion about your training priorities would be essential to help understand how the site fits with your needs.
  • Having transitioned out of being a student, specific questions about salary/bonuses, loan forgiveness, access to financial advisors may be helpful.
  • Further, specific questions about the benefits they offer such as retirement packages, subsidized healthcare, and/or healthcare packages for significant others/family members are appropriate questions to ask.

Questions for Current Post-Docs

  • Similar to the internship process, speaking with the current post-docs would demonstrate the most insight to help you find out if you can/want to train there for 2 years. Additionally, these post-docs may be your fellow training mate for the first year. It would be important to make sure that you can get along. 
  • Discussion about the work/life balance, the presence/absence of support from the site to gain licensure as well as employment after training are some topics that may be helpful.


  1. More information about these processes will be available through ANA! Be sure to check out ANA Education Committee’s part 2 of the webinar series on “Internship and Fellowship Application Panel.” 

Wednesday, November 18th at 5 pm EST | 4pm CST | 3 pm MST | 2 pm PST 

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  1. Join ANA Student Committee for the November social for a more in-depth conversation about the interview process on 

Friday, November 20th at 8 pm EST | 7 pm CST | 6 pm MST | 5 pm PST

  1. Past community corner postings with additional information on internship and post-doc interviews. The documents are attached to this email.