Community Corner – January 2021

Author: Ivy Cho

Hello ANA family, 

This month’s Community Corner is all about INS! As you will see from the schedule below, many of our members are presenting this year and it would be wonderful to support each other. Please refer to the schedule below for details (all times in PST). In addition, congratulations to Sadie Shin on receiving the INS Student Liaison Committee Research Award. It is amazing to see so many of our members be part of exciting and innovating research studies!

For those who will attend INS 2021, please consider applying for the first ANA Conference Award of $150 which will be granted to four trainees. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 1/20/2021. You can apply HERE 

Lastly, please remember that our 3rd Annual ANA Meeting will be held on February 5, 3:30pm PST. Zoom link to come!


1) Sadie Shin, M.S (Palo Alto University and intern at Northwell Health, Staten Island University Hospital)

a) INS Student Liaison Committee Research Award – Cognitive and Psychological Effects of COVID-19 in Hospitalized Patients

Presenter Schedule 

 February 3rd, 2021 (Wednesday)

8:30-9:30 AM Poster Session 1: Medical and Other Neurological DisordersAya Haneda, M.A.Examining Comorbidities and Cognition in Older Adult’s Pre-Stem Cell Transplant
Aya Haneda, M.A.Laser Ablation for Epilepsy Surgery: Impact on Executive Function 
               1:00-2:00 PM         Poster Session 3: Drug/Toxin Related Disorders/Infectious Disorders/Mood, Emotion, Psychiatric/Intervention/Other  Maulika Kohli, M.S.Evidence of the feasibility of video-based neuropsychological evaluations among Persons with and without HIV
Sadie Shin, M.S.Cognitive and Psychological Effects of COVID-19 in Hospitalized Patients 
Ni (Sunny) Sun-Suslow, Ph.DFrailty and Cognition: Cross-Sectional Comparison of the Fried Phenotype, Rockwood Frailty Index, and Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS) Index on HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders
 Maulika Kohli, M.S. (Contributing author)Intra-Individual Variability in Objectively-Measured Sleep Quality is Associated with Worse Cognition in Middle-Aged and Older Adults with and without HIV 
Paper Session 04: Multiple Sclerosis Michelle Chen, PhD Cognitive Fatigue is Associated with Altered Functional Connectivity in Interoceptive and Reward Pathways in Multiple Sclerosis  

February 4th, 2021 (Thursday)

8:00-9:00 AM Paper Session 07: HIV & Infectious Diseases Mariam A. Hussain, M.S.  Combined effects of loneliness and inflammation on depression in people with HIV 
           8:30-9:30 AM            Poster Session 4: Assessment/Diversity and Inclusion   Eleni Kapoulea, M.A. Loneliness and CVD Risk Factors in Adults from the United States and Japan 
Erin Kaseda, B.S. Measurement invariance of the UK Biobank cognitive battery in neurologic, pre-clinical, and non-clinical samples
Grace Lee, M.S.Noncredible Responses Impact Associations between Executive Functioning and Functional Impairment 
Ann Nguyen and Ashley Nguyen, M.A (Contributing authors)Systematic Review of Neuropsychological Tests and Normative Neuropsychological Data for the Vietnamese-Speaking Population 
11:00 AM-12:00 PMPoster Session 5: Parkinson’s Disease and Other Dementias    Winnie Ng, B.S. Functional Ability of Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, Apolipoprotein E ε4, and Type 2 Diabetes
Ashley Nguyen, M.A.Examination of Potential Cross-Cultural Differences in Individuals who are at a Higher-Risk for Dementia 
Ashley Ngyuen, M.A (Contributing author)Blood Glucose Levels Predict Verbal Memory in Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and Type II Diabetes 
Grace Lee, M.S. (Contributing author)Racial differences in cognitive decline: A longitudinal examination of predictors of neuropsychological performance and development of Alzheimer’s disease 
2:00-3:00 PMPaper Session 13: Training/Drug and Other Related Disorders/Tumor Wei-MingWatson, M.S.Cannabis use and 7-year longitudinal cognitive trajectories among older adults 

February 5th, 2021 (Friday)

10:30-11:30 AMPoster Session 7: ADHD, Autism Spectrum and Other Pediatric ConditionsJennifer Chang-Tran, PhD Cross-Cultural Examination of Vaccine Hesitancy and Attributions for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Parents of Children with ASD
1:00-2:00 PMRecorded SLC Panel 2; Student Liaison Committee Panel Lauren Mai, PsyD Navigating Racial/Ethnic and Cultural Differences between the Neuropsychologist and the Client: Implications for Assessment