Community Corner – March 2021

Author: Ivy Cho

This month’s Community Corner is about internships and postdoctoral positions. 

First, we would like to provide a few resources for those who are in Phase II of the APPIC internship match: 

  1. Internship Phase II match resources (created in collaboration with other neuropsychological trainee groups and sent out earlier on the listserv). 
  2. A recording of the SBN /ANST recent webinar “I Didn’t Match: Preparing for Phase II and Post Vacancy” 

Lastly, we would also like to celebrate those who will be starting an internship or postdoctoral position this Fall. Congratulations! 


  1. Palak Lunia – Tewksbury Hospital
  2. Ashley Nguyen – University of Minnesota Medical School
  3. Catherine Sumida – UCLA Semel Institute
  4. Grace Lee – UCLA Semel Institute 
  5. Lawrence Chan – Phoenix VA 
  6. Alison Datoc – Rocky Mountain Regional VA 
  7. Wei-Ming Watson – Palo Alto VA 
  8. Mariam Hussain – West LA VA Medical Center
  9. Jenkin Mok – London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium
  10. Jeremiah Lum – Bay Pines VA Health Care System 
  11. Icarus Tsang – California Pacific Medical Center 
  12. Iris Miao – NYU Rusk
  13. Iris Zheng  – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital 


  1. Ann Nguyễn – VA Northern California Health Care System and UC Davis Medical Center 
  2. Monica Ly –  San Diego VA
  3. Jun Min Koay – Mayo Clinic Florida 
  4. Usha Persau – UConn Health
  5. Brianna Daranciang –  University of Virginia 
  6. Jennifer Lee – Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center